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No Compulsory Car Insurance in NH

New Hampshire Auto Insurance Law: Car Insurance Not Required

New Hampshire does not require that all vehicles be insured. Unlike most other U.S. states there is no compulsory auto insurance law in New Hampshire. As a practical matter, when most people buy a new vehicle, they need a car loan, and lenders won’t allow the car to be driven off the lot without insurance. [...]

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What is No Fault Insurance?

No Fault Insurance: What Does It Mean?

I was in a car accident. A guy pulled out from a stop sign in front of me.  There was nothing I could do to avoid hitting him.  Now his insurance company asks me all kinds of questions, whether I was speeding, texting, maintaining my brakes and more.  I thought we had no-fault insurance, so [...]

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What Happens to Personal Injury Claims in Bankruptcy?


What if you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy but you have a personal injury claim pending? Whether the personal injury claim is in court, delayed by insurance settlement holdups or even if you haven’t decided to pursue the claim but the statute of limitations hasn’t run, this is an asset. It also doesn’t matter whether it’s [...]

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Uninsured Motorists & Underinsured Motorists

Uninsured Motorists: Car Accidents with the Uninsured & Underinsured

If you’re in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, chances are 1 in 7 the other person lacks car insurance. Nationally, up to 14 % of all cars on the road are not insured.  That statistic comes from the Insurance Research Council. As many as 28% fail to insure their cars in Mississippi, [...]

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Toxicology Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony: Toxicology

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  Simple.  But any time any scientific principle much more complicated that that is introduced in court, it must generally be supported by expert testimony. For example, to contest the results of a breath alcohol reading, one needs an expert who knows the basic principle [...]

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What are Insurance Claim Secrets

Insurance Claim Secrets Revealed

Insurance Claim Secrets would be nice to know for anyone who has suffered a loss. Insurance Claim Secrets Revealed is the title of a book authored by an insider who spent decades inside the insurance industry. Insurance Claim Secrets & The Wizard of Oz Early on, the author compares the insurance industry to The Wizard [...]

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Classic negligence: The Truth About the McDonald's Hot Coffee Case

The Truth About The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

The McDonald’s hot coffee case lives in legend, standing to many as an example of ‘frivolous’ law suits.  Yet those who hold such opinions have never let the actual facts stand in the way of their attack on the case and the civil justice system. The truth about the McDonald’s hot coffee case shows textbook negligence. The [...]

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How Car Accident Claims Can Take So Long

Car Accident Claims Are Simple, Right? How Can There Be Hidden Perils?

Car accident claims raise challenges far beyond the deceptively simple claim forms insurance companies send. Those injured often think it unnecessary to retain a car accident lawyer.  The forms are so simple.  The adjuster is so friendly.  Insurance websites sometimes show the claim process as a simple fill-in-the-blanks exercise simple as “ABC”. Hiding behind the simple pretense though lurk several decades [...]

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Different Courts Handle Variety of Disputes

Why Are There So Many Courts? Where Do I File A Case?

Courts exist in many varieties, matching the multiple types of disputes that people have.  Personal injury attorneys have a duty to diligently pursue a client’s best interests, meaning selecting the optimal court is critical. Federal Courts Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, handling only those cases specified by federal statutes.  Federal courts handle two [...]

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Adversarial System

Adversarial System of Law & Personal Injury Claims

The adversarial system of law in the USA depends on legal advocates with opposing views battling it out.  A neutral party, a judge, a jury a mediator or some other entity makes the final call.  The issue of whether this works requires anyone getting involved in the system, even in what might look like a [...]

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