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Auto Insurance & Unauthorized Drivers

Unauthorized Drivers: Auto Insurance and Disclaimer of Coverage

Serious car accidents happen for many reasons.  But insurance problems after an accident make it worse. You have an accident.  The other driver passes off an insurance card or other insurance information.  Then, when you contact the insurance company for the car that caused your injuries, they tell you directly or indirectly, not so fast. […]

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Phony Lawsuit Crisis

The Myth of the Lawsuit Crisis

  Reporting that lawsuits forced thousands of doctors to abandon the medical profession, Time Magazine blamed frivolous lawsuits, and “multimillion-dollar” runaway judgments.  That June, 2003 report cited data provided by the American Medical Association. But those claims were entirely made up.  General Accounting Office research found many reports along the same line were false.  No […]

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Cell Phone Ban in NH

New Hampshire Cell Phone Ban: No Handhelds While Driving

Talking on a cell phone while driving becomes illegal in New Hampshire under a new law going into effect on July 1, 2015.  New Hampshire’s cell phone ban prohibits using of all handheld devices while driving.  Thirteen other states including Vermont, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey ban the use of electronic devices use behind the wheel. The […]

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Negligent security law

Negligent Security: Property Owners Liable For Security Failure?

Two hockey fans get into a fight in a public restroom during a Boston Bruins game.  Can the one injured seriously sue the TD Boston Garden for failing to provide adequate security? A Superior Court judge in Boston faced that question and, not surprisingly, different versions of what happened.  The man injured claimed that, after an […]

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Workers Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation: Who is Responsible?

Question: I was working for a company through a temp agency and a computer printer dropped on my foot.  I had to go to the emergency room and I can’t work.  The temp agency and the company aren’t talking to me and say my case is too small.  Who is responsible for my workers compensation? […]

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Eating and Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving: Eating While Driving

Eighty per cent of all motor vehicle accidents and 16% of highway fatalities are caused by distracted drivers.  In studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or “NHTSA” texting and jabbering on the cell phone top the list of distractions. But eating while driving, something 86% of drivers admit to, also presents a high […]

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Video Surveillance: Can they do that?

Video Surveillance: Used Fairly to Kill Personal Injury Cases?

Anyone with any type of personal injury claim knows or should know that insurance companies use video surveillance to look for behavior that might contradict the claim of injury. Often used in workers compensation claims, investigators armed with small video cameras follow those making injury claims, waiting to catch them lifting, bending, carrying and in other […]

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Pot, Impaired Drivers & Others Substances

Impaired Drivers: Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Prescription Drugs & Marijuana

The risk of getting into an accident is high enough.  But the number of people driving on various substances doesn’t help. “In 2013-2014 20% of weekend nighttime drivers tested positive for drugs …” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – February 2015 One national study with a database of over 40 years shows fewer drivers now drink […]

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Can You Sue a City or Town for Failing to Remove Snow Properly?

 Can I sue the city or town for failing to remove enough snow?  I got into an accident because the road was still icy. You “can” sue but the case has a snowball’s chance in you know where. Why? In the early days of U.S. legal history “sovereign immunity” literally meant you could never sue any […]

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Snow Hazards & Driving

Snow, Ice, Bad Drivers and Negligence

Another snowstorm?  Skiers and other winter sports fans love it.  But, driving in snow and ice turns every day routines into a nightmare. Ever get behind a truck or car with snow piled on the roof, and chunks start flying in the air and you hope none of it strikes you?  This violates the rules […]

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