Deflategate, Lawyers & Football

Why are Lawyers Getting Involved in Deflategate?

The National Football League has rules, officials, regulations and policies.  So why are they lawyering up?  This is a legal blog.  Why are we adding this to our blogs on injuries, bankruptcy and other law? NFL officials hired top New York criminal defense attorney Ted Wells for reasons explained as heading up the investigation into […]

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School Liability

Can You Sue a School? When, Why and How?

Each state, and the federal government, has enacted its own laws imposing specific procedures which must be followed precisely before a claim can even be considered in court. This article looks at the Massachusetts law. A High School teacher gave his class a football and instructed the class to go outside.  Two teachers led the […]

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Boston Bomber: Impartial Jury?

Boston Bomber Trial: Impartial Jury & Change of Venue

Can Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev get a Fair and Impartial Trial in Boston? Defense attorneys filed repeated motions for a change of venue, claiming massive news coverage of the April 2013 marathon bombings makes selecting an impartial jury impossible.  Tsarnaev stands trial for his alleged role in the double bombings at the finish […]

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Liability Waiver: Effective End to Injury Claim?

Liability Waivers: Attempts to Avoid Injury Claims

People injured while pursuing activities with known risks sometimes find that their efforts to bring a legal claim can be challenged due to their having signed a liability waiver in advance.  It could be a ski injury, an accident at the gym or a personal injury sustained in any sporting activity. Are waivers of liability effective?  […]

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This year’s calendars went out in the mail last week.  Free offer: a few 2015 calendars are available.  email us your snail mail and we will send one to you free.  The 2015 calendar features an inspiring sunrise pic.  As they say: while supplies last.  Happy New Year. 2015 Calendar There’s not a lot more to say […]

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How Obesity Hurts Legal Claims

Obesity Can Reduce the Value of Personal Injury Claims

Obesity can hurt personal injury claims. Just when the USA faces growing realization that other prejudices are still around, growing voices indicate that obesity can hurt personal injury claims by overweight people who through no fault of their own are injured in accidents. More than one-third of all American adults and 17% of young people are […]

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Sony Hackers and Precedents Set

Sony Hackers: Crushing a Movie and Exposing Private Information

How do hackers from a midget country darken movie screens nationwide in the USA?  Sony hackers did just that. One Monday in November, 2014, workers at Sony Pictures, the $8 billion dollar a year movie production company arrived at work to find the corporate computer system down.  A red skeleton on monitors blared a warning the system […]

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Apportioning Fault & Double Impact Accidents

Double Impact Car Accidents & Complex Accident Claims

I was stopped at a red light when my car was rear ended.  The driver of that car came over immediately and apologized.  There were two impacts, that one and then another right away.  Apparently a pickup truck struck her.  Now her insurance company is denying liability, and the pickup is uninsured.  What do I do […]

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Bad Reviews & The Yelp Bill

The Yelp Bill & Prohibiting Bad Reviews Online

What do you do if you order a gift for someone online and it never comes?  You call, you email and nothing? When this happened to one couple, they posted a negative review.  But then, trouble started. The company that failed to deliver sent a $3,500 invoice for violating their terms of service prohibiting thumbs […]

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Drowsy Driving a Major Killer

Drowsy Driving and Serious Accidents

Drowsy driving causes more than 100,000 U.S. crashes a year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Driving while drowsy causes an estimated 1,550 deaths and 71,000 injuries nationwide each year. Physicians specializing in this area believe that losing one night’s sleep is the equivalent of being legally drunk.  The problem is that part […]

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