Video Surveillance: Can they do that?

Video Surveillance: Used Fairly to Kill Personal Injury Cases?

Anyone with any type of personal injury claim knows or should know that insurance companies use video surveillance to look for behavior that might contradict the claim of injury. Often used in workers compensation claims, investigators armed with small video cameras follow those making injury claims, waiting to catch them lifting, bending, carrying and in other […]

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Drone Regulations Not Ready to Fly

Drone Regulations Proposed

Drone regulations proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration now await public comment. The rules for commercial drones, proposed in February 2015 and subject to a 60 day review period, would require that drones weigh less than 55 pounds, that they be operated only during daylight hours, and that they fly under 500 feet and below […]

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Pot, Impaired Drivers & Others Substances

Impaired Drivers: Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Prescription Drugs & Marijuana

The risk of getting into an accident is high enough.  But the number of people driving on various substances doesn’t help. “In 2013-2014 20% of weekend nighttime drivers tested positive for drugs …” National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – February 2015 One national study with a database of over 40 years shows fewer drivers now drink […]

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Can You Sue a City or Town for Failing to Remove Snow Properly?

 Can I sue the city or town for failing to remove enough snow?  I got into an accident because the road was still icy. You “can” sue but the case has a snowball’s chance in you know where. Why? In the early days of U.S. legal history “sovereign immunity” literally meant you could never sue any […]

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Snow Hazards & Driving

Snow, Ice, Bad Drivers and Negligence

Another snowstorm?  Skiers and other winter sports fans love it.  But, driving in snow and ice turns every day routines into a nightmare. Ever get behind a truck or car with snow piled on the roof, and chunks start flying in the air and you hope none of it strikes you?  This violates the rules […]

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Deflategate, Lawyers & Football

Why are Lawyers Getting Involved in Deflategate?

The National Football League has rules, officials, regulations and policies.  So why are they lawyering up?  This is a legal blog.  Why are we adding this to our blogs on injuries, bankruptcy and other law? NFL officials hired top New York criminal defense attorney Ted Wells for reasons explained as heading up the investigation into […]

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School Liability

Can You Sue a School? When, Why and How?

Each state, and the federal government, has enacted its own laws imposing specific procedures which must be followed precisely before a claim can even be considered in court. This article looks at the Massachusetts law. A High School teacher gave his class a football and instructed the class to go outside.  Two teachers led the […]

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Boston Bomber: Impartial Jury?

Boston Bomber Trial: Impartial Jury & Change of Venue

Can Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev get a Fair and Impartial Trial in Boston? Defense attorneys filed repeated motions for a change of venue, claiming massive news coverage of the April 2013 marathon bombings makes selecting an impartial jury impossible.  Tsarnaev stands trial for his alleged role in the double bombings at the finish […]

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Liability Waiver: Effective End to Injury Claim?

Liability Waivers: Attempts to Avoid Injury Claims

People injured while pursuing activities with known risks sometimes find that their efforts to bring a legal claim can be challenged due to their having signed a liability waiver in advance.  It could be a ski injury, an accident at the gym or a personal injury sustained in any sporting activity. Are waivers of liability effective?  […]

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This year’s calendars went out in the mail last week.  Free offer: a few 2015 calendars are available.  email us your snail mail and we will send one to you free.  The 2015 calendar features an inspiring sunrise pic.  As they say: while supplies last.  Happy New Year. 2015 Calendar There’s not a lot more to say […]

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